Research Newsletter

Please enjoy this snapshot of the recent cutting-edge research conducted by faculty and students at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

New $13M Food, Fermentation and Biotech Hub Advances

Southern Illinois University’s Board of Trustees in April approved agreements clearing the way for a new multimillion-dollar interdisciplinary research and economic development hub, capitalizing on SIU Carbondale’s research into food, fermentation and biotechnology.


Photo: Matt McCarroll, director of the Fermentation Science Institute at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, left, Lynn Andersen Lindberg, executive director of the SIU Research Park, and Gary Kinsel, vice chancellor for research, right.

McCarroll, Lindberg and Kinsel

XPRIZE winners

SIU Students among 23 Teams Worldwide to get XPRIZE Aimed at Carbon Sequestration

A team of two Southern Illinois University Carbondale graduate students and a faculty member are among only 23 teams in the world to win the XPRIZE Carbon Removal challenge funded by Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation.

Researchers in Mississippi Wetlands

How Mississippi Wetlands can Help Human Life and the Environment

Researchers at Southern Illinois University Carbondale are trying to find out if a key to mitigating an ongoing environmental threat lies along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. The team is trying to identify and quantify the processes that reduce nitrogen pollution in several floodplain wetlands along the Middle Mississippi River.

Erin Perry with working dog

Improving Training and Care for Working Dogs

Erin Perry went to Joplin, Missouri, with her search dog, Pic, in 2011 to help folks who had lost everything in a tornado. Instead, she almost lost her dear, four-legged companion to the toxic wreckage of a home improvement store – an experience she applies to her canine science research at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Great resignation illustration

SIU Professor Explores ‘Great Resignation’ Implications

Although quit rates are at a historic peak, a lot of what we are currently seeing is not so much “The Great Resignation” as it is “The Great Reshuffle,” said Steven Karau, the Gregory A. Lee professor of management at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He has been studying the phenomenon and its causes, impacts and implications for the future.

Nurse burnout photo

Researchers examine nurse burnout prevention amid pandemic

A cross-disciplinary group of researchers from Southern Illinois University Carbondale set out to examine what takes the joy out of the workplace for nurses and how to keep that from happening.

Sabrina Nilufar photo

Making ‘sandwich’ materials stronger

Sabrina Nilufar’s research involves sandwiches, but not the kind you eat. Instead, she hopes to improve the ultra-strong “sandwich” materials hidden within the sleek, smooth and shiny car panels and airplane wings that we trust with our lives.