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Morris Library

Did you know Morris Library is the second-largest publicly funded library in Illinois?

Concrete Canoe on Campus Lake

RSO Highlight

One of about 400 RSOs on campus, the American Society of Civil Engineers offers many hands-on experiences. Their Concrete Canoe Team works each year to show that with the right skills and teamwork any idea can float.

Important Dates and Reminders

Right Now:

Advance registration for Summer and Fall 2015 classes is now open.

Applications for August 2015 graduation are now being taken.  Such applications may be done online within SalukiNet and are due by Friday, June 26.  Because there is no longer an August ceremony, those candidates who wish to participate in a ceremony would do so on Saturday, December 19 at the SIU Arena.  We are not yet taking applications for December 2015 graduation.  For more details, please see the announcement within SalukiNet.

Looking ahead:

  • The 8 week main Summer Session begins Monday, June 15.
  • Deadline to apply for August 2015 graduation — Friday, June 26
  • Independence Day holiday — Friday, July 3
  • Online grade submission for full-term Summer 2015 courses begins Monday, August 3.
  • Summer 2015 final exams — August 6-7

SIU Events

Cool Change Art Show


8:00 AM

New Student Orientation


7:45 AM

Cool Change Art Show


8:00 AM

Art and History of the Japanese Woodblock Prints


8:30 AM

Dissertation Defense of Daniel McBride


12:00 PM

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