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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2024, 03:59 PM

Admissions Leadership Team

  • Sarah Jiter

    Interim Director, Undergraduate Admissions

    Sarah has worked in Higher Education since 2006. She earned her B.A. in Theater Arts & Drama from Eureka College and M.S. in Education, College Student Personnel Administration from Illinois State University. Sarah has held positions in First Year Experience, First Generation, Orientation, Health Promotion, International Student Services, and Recruitment. After living in Colorado for 6 years, she is excited to be back in Illinois to call SIU home. Her advice to students is to show up, get to know people, and enjoy new experiences. SIU has so many opportunities for you to fully engage in the SIU experience.

    Sarah Jiter
  • Josi Rawls

    Associate Director, Transfer Relations

    Josi is originally from Carbondale, and has grown up in the community. She is a double degree alum from SIU, with a B.S. in University Studies and an M.S. in Education. As a student worker, graduate assistant, and professional, Josi has worked in many areas of campus, but in 2019 she found her home in Undergraduate Admissions. Josi supports a team of Admissions Coordinators who work primarily with transfer students. Her advice to students is to get involved on campus! SIU has a variety of clubs and organizations, both academic and extracurricular, that help to form a well-balanced college experience.

    Josi Rawls
  • Carl Franks

    Associate Director, Freshman Recruitment

    Carl has been working with students in higher education for years in both Athletics and the Office of Admissions. He appreciates SIU for the wide range of opportunities offered and the tremendous amount of support for students. Carl recommends that prospective students visit each school they are interested in. Once on campus, you will get that feeling in your gut telling you what to do. Just know that there is something here for you at SIU!

    Carl Franks

Admissions Coordinators

Find contact information for your admissions coordinator below or email for assistance.
  • Josh Anderson

    Territory: Central Illinois

    Best of SIU: The faculty and staff are extremely friendly and makes for a welcoming environment. There are tons of opportunities for involvement.

    Advice for choosing a college: Visit as many schools as possible. It's hard to know if a school is the right fit without seeing it firsthand.

    Josh Anderson
  • Tream Charvis

    Territory: Texas

    Best of SIU: SIU embodies the notion of beauty on the inside and beauty on the outside. The people make the place and place supports the people.

    Advice for choosing a college: Consider the following two questions: 1) "How can this institution best serve me?" 2) "How can I best serve this institution?" Your answers of these questions (or lack thereof) could provide the added clarity you need when making such an important decision.

    Tream Charvis
  • Rey Diaz

    Territory: Northern Illinois

    (hablo español)

    Best of SIU: The people, the school spirit, and the weather.

    Advice for choosing a college: A campus visit is so important in the process of selecting the right college or university for yourself; please be sure to visit your top schools.

    Rey Diaz
  • Raeghan Goins

    Best of SIU: The absolute beauty of campus and surrounding Southern Illinois.

    Advice for choosing a college: Choose a college that you are excited to become involved with! Be an active student and participate in the many social and academic events on campus. This is how you make lifelong friends and build important relationships for your future.

    Raeghan Goins
  • Frank Heiligenstein

    Territory: Metro East IL

    Best of SIU: With the beautiful landscape of the campus and Southern Illinois as a backdrop, SIU represents where tradition, innovation, and Saluki pride come together in a complete package for students, faculty, and staff.

    Advice for choosing a college: Ask questions – when comparing your options, make sure you ask the same things at each visit so you can compare and create a pros and cons list. Remember that there is your end goal (after college plans). You don’t have to know exactly what it is you want to do because plans can change but know where your passions and dreams lie. What are your strengths? How can you use those strengths to create a career you love.

    Frank Heiligenstein
  • Krystal Hudson

    Best of SIU: The beautiful campus trails and architecture, making life-long connections with professors and students, diverse cultures, countless activities, and career-focused academic opportunities.

    Advice for choosing a college: Choose a college that has your interests at its core. Take time to discover all the opportunities for activities, academic programs, and possible resources. Be active in your quest for success!

    Krystal Hudson
  • Hannah Lunon

    Territory: Southern Illinois

    Best of SIU: When walking through campus, it really makes you feel at home! The students and staff are so friendly and the campus is beautiful too! SIU offers many opportunities to get involved as well.

    Advice for choosing a college: Take time to visit your top schools in person and make sure to ask questions! See what the surrounding areas outside of campus have to offer and choose the college that makes you feel at home!

    Hannah Lunon
  • Mia Porter

    Territory: Chicago

    Best of SIU: The diversity and many different student organizations.

    Advice for choosing a college: Choose the college that YOU feel is best for you and your sense of belonging as well as where you see yourself succeeding both academically and personally.

    Mia Porter
  • Brock Renshaw

    Territory: Chicago

    Best of SIU: The library with its immense amount of literature and how nature coalesces with campus.

    Advice for choosing a college: Cast your net wide, take campus visits to your most desired institutions, and then choose the one that not only makes sense financially, but makes you feel welcomed and wanted as a student.

    Brock Renshaw
  • Mckynze Rogers

    Territory: Chicago North

    Best of SIU: The beauty of the campus and the variety of opportunities for every person here.

    Advice for choosing a college: Get to know the community on campus by asking to speak to current students about their experiences. Don't hesitate to connect with folks in your major of interest. Go where you instantly feel at home and safe to be yourself.

    Mckynze Rogers
  • Julie Strauss

    Best of SIU: I love our beautiful campus, surrounding area, and how the educators care about your success. You are not a number at SIU, rather an individual masterpiece just waiting to experience a challenging, exciting, and completely unique experience.

    Advice for choosing a college: I highly recommend visiting the colleges you are interested in to see if you can see yourself in the environment. Do not be afraid to ask questions, and above all, step off the curb and get the ball rolling. The faster you get that ball rolling, the more successful you will be. There is no such thing as failure, only learning experiences.

    Julie Strauss
  • Jordan Trude

    Territory: Chicago Suburbs

    Best of SIU: My favorite thing about SIU and Carbondale is the diversity of people, thoughts, and opinions that you are faced with every day. It challenges you to look within and become the best version of yourself.

    Advice for choosing a college: Start putting together a list of schools that you’re interested in early on. Visit your top schools, figure out where you are most comfortable, and see what it would cost for each. Once you have it narrowed down, figure out which one offers you the best mix of opportunity, experience, and education.

    Jordan Trude
  • Shannon Warnecke

    Territory: St. Louis

    Best of SIU: Our beautiful campus, wide range of majors, and student organizations. Plus, our AMAZING alumni!

    Advice for choosing a college: I know it sounds redundant, but visit the colleges you are considering. Step foot on campus and ask yourself "Can I see myself as a student here?". Additionally, speak with current students while on campus and ask them to share their experience. Current student perspective sealed the deal for me when I chose to attend SIU.

    Shannon Warnecke
  • Asia Watson

    Territory: Kentucky & Tennessee

    Best of SIU: The beautiful campus and the array of students and staff that come near and far to make up the Saluki Family.

    Advice for choosing a college: Take multiple visits to universities of various sizes. See what the surrounding areas have to offer. Ask many questions and talk to students and hear their experiences. Pick the place that feels most comfortable.

    Asia Watson

Admissions Office Staff

  • Elizabeth Cheek

    Administrative Assistant

    Best of SIU: The beauty of our campus and the Saluki pride in the individuals who work here sets it apart from other universities.

    Advice for choosing a college: Take your time and find your path. What works for someone else, may not work for you, and that is perfectly fine. We have so many options and opportunities here. SIU can take you anywhere you want to go. The sky is the limit.

    Elizabeth Cheek
  • Kim Baskin

    Campus Visit Supervisor

    Best of SIU: I love that SIU feels like home to me. My co-workers are more like family. Also, the campus is beautiful with lots of surrounding towns to explore.

    Advice for choosing a college: Visit and explore all your options. Don't settle for anything less than what you are dreaming of!

    Kim Baskin