SIU Leadership


Organizational Chart (PDF)


Office of the Chancellor
Chancellor: Carlo Montemagno
(618) 453-2341

Assistant to the Chancellor:
Matt Baughman
(618) 453-2341

Administration and Finance
Executive Director of Administration and Finance: Judy Marshall
(618) 453-2474

Development and Alumni Relations
Vice Chancellor for Development and Alumni Relations and
CEO of SIU Foundation: James Salmo
(618) 453-7174

Interim Vice Chancellor for Research: James Garvey
(618) 536-7761

Student Affairs
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs: Lori Stettler
(618) 453-3401

School of Law
Interim Dean: Christopher Behan
(618) 453-8722

School of Medicine
Dean & Provost of School of Medicine:
Dr. Jerry Kruse
(217) 545-0200

Institutional Diversity
Interim Associate Chancellor for Diversity:
Todd Bryson
(618) 453-1186

Intercollegiate Athletics
Director: Tommy Bell
(618) 453-7250

University Communications
& Marketing

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer: Rae Goldsmith
(618) 453-2589

Academic Affairs

Associate Provost for Academic Programs: Lizette Chevalier
Associate Provost for Academic Administration: David DiLalla
(618) 453-5744

College of Agricultural Sciences
Interim Dean: Karen Midden
(618) 453-2469

College of Applied Sciences
and Arts

Dean: Ju An (Andy) Wang
(618) 536-6682

College of Business
Dean: Terry Clark
(618) 453-7967

College of Education & Human Services
Dean: Matthew Keefer
(618) 453-2415

College of Engineering
Dean: John Warwick
(618) 453-4321

College of Liberal Arts
Dean: Meera Komarraju
(618) 453-2466

College of Mass Communication
& Media Arts
Interim Dean: Deborah Tudor
(618) 453-7708

College of Science
Interim Dean: Scott Ishman
(618) 536-6666

Library Affairs
Dean: John Pollitz
(618) 453-2522

Information Technology
Interim Assistant Provost & Chief
Information Officer: Scott Bridges
(618) 453-6214