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Be inspired

Some say inspiration can come from anywhere. We happen to have the address.

Inspiration Struck Here

Every day, in every college across SIU, professors, students, faculty, staff, and leadership are putting their talents and knowledge to work on some of tomorrow’s biggest challenges. They’re competing against schools from around the country. And they’re accomplishing some big things.

  1. We do incredible things. And it’s known. That’s why the Carnegie Foundation ranks SIU in the top 5 percent of all higher education institutions in the country.

  2. The Flying Salukis won the intercollegiate flying championship in 2011, the team’s eighth national title.

  3. We’re creating wireless sensor technology to monitor the structural safety of bridges in real time.

  4. Our Debate Team is the third best team in the nation.  Can’t argue with that.

  5. We’re taking the pulse of the planet by studying the deepest rock samples ever extracted from far beneath the seafloor.

  6. When Wildlife managers in India needed to protect villagers from tiger attacks they came to us for help.

  7. Three times in the last four years, our student run news program, 26:46 won a national Emmy.

  8. The Integrated Assessment Program was created here to minimize kids’ time in foster care.

  9. For the last 5 years, Professor emeritus Reed Nelson’s paper on entrepreneurship has been the most cited work by social science experts.

  10. The SIUC Advanced Energy Institute was created to focus our collective energy on developing real solutions. And new energy.

  11. We’re using our land (the best soil on Earth) to help countries around the world develop their own.

  12. We’re helping coal go green. With our proposed patent, we’re turning yesterday’s fuel source into tomorrow’s energy solution.